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Virtual Meetings Information

Strengthening Youth Through Scouting.

Meeting Access

Video conferencing will take place via Google Meet.

Please view the troop calendar for the most current meeting schedule and information.

We know there’s a lot of information going around now, and it can be overwhelming. To help simplify everything for our Scouts and families, we have put together some tips for how to stay connected with Troop 173.

Video Conference Rules

Video and Audio

First, let’s talk about your video and audio.

  • Unless your appearance or background is very inappropriate or distracting, turn ON your videoVideo is crucial in building trust and engagement in virtual communications. Don’t skip this step just because you don’t love the way your hair looks today.
  • Test your video and audio before your meeting.
  • Look at the camera. This takes a bit of getting used to since you want to look at the other participants faces (and, let’s be honest, your own face), but try to look at the camera when you’re talking. This tactic will mimic the in-person feeling of eye contact. It’s important to gauge reactions by looking at the screen, but alternating that with looking at the camera makes the audience feel like you’re really talking to them.
  • Adjust your camera if it is too low or high. Only your barber wants to stare at the top of your head. Your camera should be at eye level.
  • Make sure you have a stable and reliable internet connection.

Be Polite!

Miss Manners here. We live in a society, so let’s behave as such. There are some general rules of courtesy for virtual (and in person) business meetings.

  • If you can, hold off on eating full meals during your meeting. Imagine how unappealing it would be to watch someone up close slurping a plate of spaghetti on a big screen. If you can, chow down when your meeting is over.
  • Even though it’s tempting, try not to multitask too much. And if you’re going to, at least mute yourself.
  • Make sure you read the agenda prior to the meeting.
  • Refrain from private behavior – i.e. scratching your armpits, picking your nose. We can see you!

Your Environment

Your surroundings say a lot about you. Let’s make sure that they say the right things.

  • Dirty clothes in a pile, an unmade bed, and so forth give the impression that you’re not a professional to be trusted with serious work. Clean up and have a simple background (a plain wall, a potted plant, or a bookshelf works perfectly).
  • Lights, camera, action! Note, the first item here is LIGHTS. Sure, you’re not a starlet, but you still need to be lit. Position yourself so that most of the light is coming from in front of you (behind your monitor), instead of behind you. If you have a window behind you, shut the blinds. Otherwise, you will be backlit.
  • Fun fact: barking dogs and slamming doors are not just annoying in person, they are also annoying in a video conference! Find a quiet space to meet, shut the door, and mute yourself as necessary.