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Good Turn Coffee

Strengthening Youth Through Scouting.

Good Turn Coffee

Good Turn Daily has a single mission: to provide Scout Units with a fund raiser that’s easy, simple, and supports the sale of high quality coffee at a reasonable price. All proceeds are directed towards the Boy Scouts of America, enriching the scouting experience and ensuring that every child who wants to be a Scout has that opportunity.

Troop 173 has been selected to take part in a pilot program fund raising event. For this fund raiser, Troop 173 will be selling gourmet coffee. This fund raiser has the potential to bring in much needed funds for camping outing and Troop events.

For our scouts, here’s how it works.
Scouts ask friends, family and neighbors to buy coffee and give them a GOOD TURN COFFEE card to order. The card has instructions similar to below for ordering, including a personalized number so the scout can be attributed the sale.

Each scout has their own ID. Check with the Scoutmaster, Committee Chair or Karen Vogel at [email protected] for your ID number.

For anyone that wants to buy coffee to help the Troop without the personalized number…

  1. Go to the website https://goodturn.coffee/
  2. Choose your coffee; Three Bags for $30 (+$6.30 shipping) or Three K-Cup Boxes for $30 (+$9.99 shipping) or Both K-Cups and Bags for $60 (+$12.00 shipping).
  3. Enter the Troop ID: 0173-10598

The Troop receives 25% of all sales ($7.50 for each bag or K-cup box ordered)
We have until May 15th to have scouts go door to door. People can repeat their order at any time during the year.

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