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Annual Dues

Strengthening Youth Through Scouting.

Please use the button below to pay annual dues for scouting via PayPal. The due date for payment is December 15th, however if you can remit payment by the 5th it would be greatly appreciated.

Scout Dues for 2024 – $275

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Annual Rechartering is upon us. We will be collecting dues at all upcoming meetings and on our website. This year BSA National is pushing heavier fees onto units and raising their portion of the scout dues substantially.

In the past, here at Troop 173, the annual dues we charge for our scouts has covered all of these fees, plus the cost of chartering adult leaders (because we do not feel that you should pay to volunteer), campsite costs; food vouchers; merit badges and advancement emblems; equipment; and other expenses for troop sponsored activities.

This year, considering the additional fees from National and the reality that many families have been hit by Covid layoffs, we don’t feel right about adding any extra expense to our families beyond covering the National and Council fees. We will use money that we have collected from fundraisers to cover these extra costs.

Considering this, the cost of dues this year will be $136 per scout. That is what we need to cover just what we pay out. This sobering number emphasizes the need for continued commitment to fundraising efforts. This annual cost is more manageable than most after school and extracurricular activities. Considering what scouting brings to the lives of our children, we believe it is worth every penny. 

As always, any family may reach out confidentially to Karen Vogel to request financial assistance – the Troop will do our best to help defray the cost of dues.