15 May 2018

Two Scouts Achieve The Ad Altare Dei Religious Award

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Recently, two of our senior scouts, Ryan and Andrew, earned the religious award ‘Ad Altare Dei’. This award is specific to the Roman Catholic faith, however, similar awards for many other religions exist with similar requirements specific to each faith. Ad Altare Dei maens “altar of god,” and the boys learned more about their faith in a program that was partially led by two members of the Troop 173 committee. The scouts participated in a religious retreat and spent time with other scouts in different troops who also were attempting to earn this achievement. They then passed a Board of Review with the adult leaders of the course and other religious leaders. On April 22nd, Andrew and Ryan, as well as nearly 100 fellow participants, were honored and awarded the Ad Altare Dei at St. Patrick’s Cathedral by Cardinal Dolan.

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