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Troop Bike Trek

Strengthening Youth Through Scouting.

Troop Bike Trek

Scouts: Tomas C, James D, Frankie B, Ryan G, Ian S, and Jarrett S
Adults: Carlos Cartaya, Jim Dowd, Fred Gonfantini, and Ken Schwartz

On the bike trek our scouts went all over Cape Cod, every day biking about 20 miles or so to get from one place to another. Each day they stopped at a different site, staying at two Coast Guard stations where they got to learn about what the Coast Guard does, and they got to see some of their boats. They also went lobster fishing and learned how to band the lobsters. On the trip the scouts caught almost 400 pounds of lobster, and Mr. Dowd kissed a ravenfish. They also went sailing and seal watching for a day. The trip was great and the participants would strongly recommend this trek to all scouts!


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